Data Capture

Turn physical action into online engagement. We utilise the technology provided by leading data capture application (and our sister company), Akkroo.com, to capture data via a website or on devices, before or during an event, with or without an internet connection.

Create and Embed forms

You can fully customise our forms to collect information online. The forms can be embedded on a website, microsite, sit on social media, or have their own URL. The embedded forms can be styled so they fit your branding perfectly.

Form Customisation

Forms can have dynamic questions driven by logic, supporting help information, mandatory questions that must be answered and restricted charactor answers.

Pre-Registration & Closing Times

Forms can be set to close at a particular time or after a certain number of pre-registrations. Students who pre-register for your events online will automatically be able to check-in to the event on the day.

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Capturing data on devices

On the day, you can use devices to check-in people who have pre-registered, or capture information from people you have met for the first time.


In the secure back-end a full statistics panel is available to show key information on the device, or across all devices in use. Admins can utilise the starring and commenting features to allow more targeted follow-up with any students met.


All forms are fully branded and completely customisable. Data capture forms can include numerous standard, common and favourite question types, plus advanced question types including logic, autocomplete, multiselect from a list, collect a signature or take a photo. Pre-registration forms can allow additional data capture from attendees on the day.

Mobile Optimised & Offline Capture

The data capture app is fully mobile optimised to work on any Apple devices across a number of languages. The data capture app will work online or offline. If you're capturing data offline you can sync it at a later date.

capture data on devices

Job Board Integrations

In a new service for 2017/18, your RMP Connect Talent Pool can be integrated with your presence on RateMyPlacement.co.uk to allow data transfer of students who “follow” or “shortlist” your profiles, jobs or presence in the Top Undergraduate Employers table.

Import data already available

If you use another system to pre-register students to your events, you can upload a list of names and emails via a spreadsheet or .CSV so they can be checked-in.


Automated Communication

Follow-up a physical action with digital communication. An automated email or SMS message can be scheduled to be sent straight after data is collected, or at another time that's more preferable.

Timed Email & SMS

Email and SMS communications can be set to be dispatched at a particular time, or a relative time, either before or after an event.

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Instant Email & SMS

Email and SMS communications are triggered when data is collected either online or on a device.

Talent Pool

Build your own searchable Talent Pool of individuals or groups of students you have collected data from.

Your Talent Pool homepage that shows the total number of students in your database and an overview of where they came from. Talent Pools can be labelled according to the source the data originated from, or tagged according to common criteria within the data set.


Overall Statistics

View the total number of unique students in your Talent Pool at a glance and how many times you have interacted with them.

Breakdown of Statistics

Get a quick overview of how many times you have met with the students from a particular source, or with a certain tag.

You can look in detail at the information you have collected on an individual in your Talent Pool by looking at their basic profile, or check when and where you met them on their personalised ‘interaction timeline’...

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Import a .CSV of students whose data has been collected elsewhere. Export data in an easily adaptable .CSV format for use elsewhere.

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Ongoing Engagement

Continue the conversation and encourage applications with digital engagement. RMP Connect offers further email and SMS correspondence with targeted groups of students on your Talent Pool.

RMP Connect's emails are fully responsive to ensure that they create an equal impact whether they're read on a desktop or mobile device, which is important as more than 60% of emails are read on mobile devices. SMS messages appear as having been sent from your company and let students reply via their own SMS messages. SMS messages have an open rate of around 97%, making them very effective for capturing the attention of your target audience.

Email Communication

  • Send information about your events
  • Send details of your vacancies and deadlines
  • Send seasonal reminders or greetings
  • Measure the success of email (click throughs and open rates)
  • Send a reminder to people pre-registered to your events
  • Invite people to competitions or promotions
  • Automated email templates


Talent Pool Reporting

Use RMP Connect's data to measure and inform your engagement strategy. RMP Connect has a suite of reporting tools available. Reporting tools can show you detailed:

  • Quantitative analysis, such as which universities you have the most data from, the proportion of males vs females, and what the main sources of your data are.
  • Comparative analysis, for example which events your hires have come from, or what the cost per hire is.

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Here are a handful of companies that benefit from using RMP Connect

bank of england
Durham university
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